From universal joints (UJ) to oil jets,HIKARI SEIKO CO., LTD. (HKR) manufactures precision automotive parts.

Product guidance


HIKARI SEIKO's products that are created with our advanced skills and rich know-how support tomorrow's car society with our “global quality”.

Based on our technology and know-how that we have nurtured in the automotive industry, which requires accuracy in the level of microns (1/1000 of a millimeter), we, as a leading manufacturer of universal joints, provide a “global quality” that consists of quality and competitive cost highly esteemed by the global market, and the power of good service.
Amidst the acceleration of globalization, we will continue to challenge ourselves in manufacturing with our eyes set on the next generation, aiming to become a company that is trusted by the international society.

Cutting-edge technological development to support next-generation automobiles

We are conducting research and development in response to new technological themes such as autonomous driving and automation.

Peltier modules


Hollow intermediate shaft

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