From universal joints (UJ) to oil jets,HIKARI SEIKO CO., LTD. (HKR) manufactures precision automotive parts.

About Us


Representative  Kenichi Nishimura
Kenichi Nishimura
President  Masayoshi Nishimura
Masayoshi Nishimura

 Since our establishment in 1947, we HIKARI SEIKO CO., LTD. have been committed to the development of new products as an automotive parts manufacturer, and by accumulating these skills, we have contributed in the advancement of the world's automotive industry and helped improve people's lives. This spirit is captured in our corporate creed, "Aiming for the respect for harmony among members to lead to an affluent life all together", which has been carried through to the present.
 We have continuously supplied numerous parts for many years since our establishment, mainly for the automotive industry, and today we have gained the trust of many customers. In order to win further trust, we will once again reemphasize to all employees the recognition of the key principle of manufacturing; "Quality First." At the same time, we will keep up with the trend of globalization that besets the world.
 Currently, we have four domestic manufacturing facilities, as well as one plant each in the Philippines, and two in China (Tianjin and Danyang).
 The universal joints among our drivetrain parts boast the largest production output in Japan. In the unprecedented, challenging economic environment we are currently in, we hope to unite as one to continue producing revolutionary products, so that we can aim to not only be number one in Japan, but also in the world, living up to the meaning of our company name—“HIKARI - a company that shines with brilliance.”


Corporate Philosophy

[ Basic Policy ]
Aiming at moving with the change of profitability structure and responding to the international society's requirements to become a reliable corporation within the international society.
[ Basic Slogan ]
Striving to provide the best quality and the lowest priced products in the world.
Aiming at the establishment of a worthwhile work environment which promotes achievements.
[ Corporate Creed ]
Aiming for good faith, the provision of products desired by customers and the respect for harmony among members to lead to an affluent life all together.

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