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Hikari Seiko are our own products.

What is universal joints?

“Universal joint” is a precision machined part for transmitting angular rotation motion of a shaft used for driving system parts and steering parts of automobiles. Also, even when an angle is added to the rotation, the angular velocity change is small, and the power can be smoothly transmitted to the wheel. Hikari Seiko accumulates the huge amount of know-how and technology of the universal Joints and manufactures parts with high precision using equipment developed in-house.

Universal joints that Hikari Seiko are proud of

Hikari Seiko have been constantly refining our own technical capabilities in order to manufacture parts for automobiles efficiently and at high standards.
In particular, in order to maintain world-class quality of universal joint which boasts the top share in Japan, Hikari Seiko evaluate and study domestic and overseas products. We combine the results of this R & D with years of accumulated know-how to create unique processing technologies.

Characteristics of Hikari Seiko’s universal joints

The HKR universal joint as a drive system part is high strength, excellent in durability and abrasion resistance, and it can be used for a long time.
In addition, the universal joint used for the joint of the steering shaft is confidently recommended that it is compact, has high strength and can be used for a long time as compared with other companies' products

Hikari Seiko continues to evaluate and research domestic and overseas products in order to maintain quality that is acceptable to the world of universal joints.
Optical sophistication manufactures confidently the long-life universal joint which is high in strength, excellent in durability and abrasion resistance.

To Customers who ordered Universal Joint

To Customers who ordered Universal Joint
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About delivery date

Hikari Seiko will respond as quickly as possible. However, when manufacturing is required from the mold, it may take some time before shipping. Sorry for your inconvenience but please contact us in advance.
Mold available ··· 3 days to a week
No mold ········· 3 months

Hikari Seiko carefully pack and ship products after inspect them. Please do not hesitate to consult about the return or exchange of products.

Universal joints are used in below place for example.

In a front-engine rear-wheel drive car, it is used for the power transmission device from the engine to the rear wheel drive part and the rotating part from the steering wheel to the steering gear.

Product list

No snap ring groove
With snap ring groove
No snap ring groove · With grease nipple
With snap ring groove · With grease nipple

Dimension Table


*The table below can be scrolled horizontally.

NO Internal product number Bearing outer diameter
Snap ring
Between grooves
Shaft diameter full length
1 US160400 16 40 24.6 9.05 36
2 US200490 20 49 29 10.9 45
3 US200550 20 55 34 10.8 50
4 US200580 20 58 37 10.8 53
5 US220518 22 51.8 31.8 12.8 46.8
6 US225570 22.5 57 35.2 12.8 46.8
7 US250632 25 63.2 41.2 14.8 57.2
8 US250633 25 63.3 40.5 14.72 56.5
9 US265710 26.5 67.1 48 16.55 64
10 US280800 28 80 56 16.66 73
11 US320930 32 93 57 19.86 84
12 US320930S 32 93 57 20.66 84
13 US370104 37 104 67 23 96
14 UN170400 17 40 9.05 36
15 UN200520 20 52 10.8 47
16 UN200550 20 55 10.8 50
17 UN250790 25 79 14.72 72.4
18 UN265710 26.5 71 16.55 64
19 UN280800 28 80 17.78 73
20 UN280800S 28 80 16.66 73
21 UN320928 32 92.8 19.86 84
22 UN370104 37 104 23 96


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